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07th October 2021

RetailX Nexus

09.00 AM
The breakfast club

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10.00 AM
Opening remarks
  • Ian Jindal, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
10.05 AM
It’s time to change: How you balance making profit and being sustainable

The opening session will tackle one of the most pressing issues being faced by the global retail market. Waste management and the efforts to mitigate this growing problem are not only an environmental issue, they provide retailers with a chance to connect with their customers on a deep-rooted and ethical level. However, given the current financial strain on European retailers, is the sustainability agenda going to stay front of mind?  Those who succeed in tackling sustainable issues will be future-ready with a positive mission embedded into their company DNA. But in order to achieve this, businesses need to fundamentally rethink their underlying business model and embrace a future driven by systemic change. Join our inspiring speakers as they explore the FACT, the VISION and the CHALLENGES ahead for the sustainability conundrum in a profit and liquidity focused market.

  • Dr Sally Uren OBE, Chief Executive, Forum for the Future
  • Mike Barry, Director, MikeBarryEco
  • Caroline Laurie, Director of Responsible Business & Sustainability, Kingfisher
  • Debbie Luffman, Product Director, Finisterre
11.00 AM
Keynote debrief discussion

In-depth practitioner-chaired peer conversations (held under Chatham House Rule)

11.30 AM
Networking break
11.50 AM
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Changing our approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) can only flourish on a sound structural base. Factors that impact that foundation naturally run deeper than the internal framework of a business. Our staff are being impacted by media, technology and societal primers that take effect outside of the corporate bubble. It is right, therefore, that those leading DE&I look at solutions through a lens of infinite experience that brings knowledge, perspectives and insight from external sources into the organisation. Through this process, employees can constantly challenge themselves to think differently which leads to a DNA that is constantly evolving. This open and honest keynote will highlight steps that turn Diversity & Inclusion from a tokenistic and finite cause to a deeply ingrained cultural mindset that permeates all levels of the organisation and projects forward to your customer.

  • Miranda Wayland, Head of Creative Diversity, BBC
  • Geoffrey Williams, Global Head of Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Dr Martens
  • Tea Colaianni, Senior Independent Director Watches of Switzerland & Chair of Diversity in Retail DiR - Diversity in Retail
12.45 PM
Keynote debrief discussion

In-depth practitioner-chaired peer conversations (held under Chatham House Rule)

01.15 PM
Networking lunch
02.00 PM
Point of "experience"
The new points of "experience" that are driving brand, commercial and customer objectives

We talk about ‘experience’ as a secret weapon to differentiate ourselves, to bind in customers, to loosen their wallets and to bring new meaning to retail. Yes, shops remain shops (sheds with products on mannequins and shelves) and websites remain resolutely screen-bound and 2D. Initiatives to showcase products, provide bespoke services, increase the ambience and remove annoyances have dominated thinking for the past 20 years. But these are old paradigms and the lens of perspective is too narrow. In parallel, integrating and exploiting new technology has occupied minds and budgets for just as long. So what are the points of experience in the ’twenties and how do they affect your long term relationship with your customer? In this session, we will consider the drivers, successes and opportunities in creating points of experience that can deliver upon brand, commercial and customer objectives. Is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?

  • Susan Aubrey-Cound, Digital Transformation Director, AI for Sustainable Business, NED
  • David Kohn, Customer & Ecommerce Director, Heals
  • Guy Smith, Chief Creative Officer, Cosu
02.55 PM
Keynote debrief discussion

In-depth practitioner-chaired peer conversations (held under Chatham House Rule)

03.25 PM
Wrap-up discussion and future challenges
04.00 PM
Closing remarks
04.05 PM
The after-party

Experiential networking and mixology masterclass