• Why did you decide to launch RetailX Nexus?

    The driving force behind RetailX Nexus was to establish a safe and honest space for people to discuss and evaluate important issues. We wanted to develop an event that spoke to the most senior people from the world’s most dynamic and high profile retail brands. These are not the type of people who generally attend conferences, but hold the most impact when it comes to organisational change and strategic direction.  To achieve this, we had to pick the right topics, evolve the format and curate the delegate list by hand.

  • What plans are in place should the COVID situation deteriorate?
  • How long is each of the sessions?
  • How can I get involved?
  • Is the event really slide free?
  • What is the Chatham House Rule?
  • Terms & Conditions of Attendance
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“Inside Digital Retail”

RetailX researches, analyses and ranks performance in multichannel retail. Since 2016 we have tracked, measured, assessed and reported on the top retailers and direct-selling brands in the world. We provide commercial insight to retail leaders on company performance (the Top1000 rankings), sector dynamics, market analysis (with 30 country and regional reports each year) and strategic assessments on sustainability, inclusion, marketplaces and innovation. We survey over 25,000 consumers annually to anchor our research in real-time behaviour. Our 100 reports a year are supplemented with broadcasts, leadership networking, private research symposia, consulting, podcasts and events. RetailX – Inside Digital Retail.

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InternetRetailing represents the board-level conversation in multichannel and ecommerce, with a focus on commercial outcomes and connection with the digital, demanding customer. Via our web portal, events, podcast and research we combine practitioner knowledge of retailing with journalistic analysis and primary research into leading practice.

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