Held live at Etc.St Pauls, London

Thursday 7th October 2021


A senior space for wellbriefed discussion

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Thank you to all the attendees for making Nexus1 so special

Senior digital retail leaders gathered in London for the first RetailX Nexus in October 2021.

At RetailX Nexus, the focus was on conversations rather than presentations, in a format devised to meet the needs of those returning to in-person events. Sessions on each of three main themes – sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion and points of experience, transformed by automation and AI – were followed by 45 minute conversations, in which our senior retail audience explored the themes introduced by keynote speakers and considered what they meant for their businesses.

At the heart of the discussions were three questions: in the light of the disruption that all of these issues are bringing to the industry, why, what and how does my business need to change?

“This was a chance to talk about some of the most important issues currently affecting ecommerce and multichannel retailing,” says Ian Jindal, chief executive and co-founder of RetailX. “These are issues that no-one can solve on their own but that we can explore by working together, sharing experiences and finding useful answers that work in our businesses. Thanks to all of those who joined us, sharing both their time and expertise.”

Join us at Nexus2.

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An invite only event

RetailX Nexus 2021 is limited to 100 spaces so we want people with opinions, open to debate, who want to change minds (including their own) and who have the remit to effect progress in the workplace.

Normally this is linked to “seniority” but we’re looking beyond titles for commercial leaders who are change-makers and/or progress-enablers.

Our first port of call is our alumni group of speakers, interviewees and research contributors. We also look at senior people within the RetailX Top500 companies (see rankings).

However we don’t want to be limited by our previous research and so if you would like to attend or nominate someone to attend, please tell us why on the link below.


The event at a glance

  • Pre-event
    Editorial Briefing:

    To ensure all attendees are primed for each topic, in-depth editorial briefing papers will be sent to all participants in advance of RetailX Nexus 2021.

  • On the day
  • Off the record
  • Reconnect - Social Programme