Held live at Etc.St Pauls, London

Thursday 7th October 2021


A senior space for wellbriefed discussion

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The concept

The Retail Sector has been accelerated into a ‘post’ era. Post pandemic, post-Brexit, post-digital and post-truth… It’s easy to look back and see the obvious, but leaders need to create and move forward. What then is next?

We anticipate a post-conference world, where the traditional event model will be replaced by a format that rejects passive PowerPoint learning and overt sales pitches.

RetailX Nexus is a safe space for good ideas to grow. It will challenge and inspire our delegation to consider the path forward and even change minds.

It’s time to think.

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An invite only event

RetailX Nexus 2021 is limited to 100 spaces so we want people with opinions, open to debate, who want to change minds (including their own) and who have the remit to effect progress in the workplace.

Normally this is linked to “seniority” but we’re looking beyond titles for commercial leaders who are change-makers and/or progress-enablers.

Our first port of call is our alumni group of speakers, interviewees and research contributors. We also look at senior people within the RetailX Top500 companies (see rankings).

However we don’t want to be limited by our previous research and so if you would like to attend or nominate someone to attend, please tell us why on the link below.


The event at a glance

  • Pre-event
    Editorial Briefing:

    To ensure all attendees are primed for each topic, in-depth editorial briefing papers will be sent to all participants in advance of RetailX Nexus 2021.

  • On the day
  • Off the record
  • Reconnect - Social Programme